CUHK 50th Anniversary Distinguished Lecture

Date Lecture Topic Speaker
29 Jan 2013 (Tue) My Journey from Evil to Heroism Prof. Philip Zimbardo
Professor (Emeritus), Department of Psychology, Stanford University
22 Mar 2013 (Fri) The Essence of Our Society: from a Written Constitution to Reality and into the Future 50 Years Honourable Mr. Justice Geoffrey Ma Tao-li
GBM, Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong
28 Mar 2013 (Thu) Can China and Japan make peace? Prof. Ezra F. Vogel
Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences Emeritus at Harvard University
18 Apr 2013 (Thu) New Aesthetics of Kunqu: Tradition in the Modern Era Prof. Pai Hsien-yung
Wei Lun Professor of Humanities, CUHK
2 Jul 2013 (Tue) Student Evaluation of University Teaching : Recommendation for Policy and Practice Prof. Herbert W. Marsh
Professor, Department of Education, University of Oxford
17 Oct 2013 (Thu) From SARS to H7N9 — Management of Acute Respiratory Virus Infection in China Prof. Zhong Nanshan

renowned expert in respiratory diseases and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

29 Nov 2013 (Fri) The role of scholars / intellectuals in the Age of Globalization Prof. Leo Ou-fan Lee
Sin Wai Kin Professor of Chinese Culture, CUHK
23 Dec 2013 (Mon) 150 Years of Mathematics at Harvard Prof. YAU Shing-tung
Distinguished Professor-at-Large, CUHK