CUHK 50th Anniversary Distinguished Lecture by Prof. Leo Ou-fan Lee

The role of scholars / intellectuals in the Age of Globalization
Prof. Leo Ou-fan Lee
29 November
4:30 pm
Lecture Theatre 2, G/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK

Prof. Leo Ou-fan Lee, Sin Wai Kin Professor of Chinese Culture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong was invited to present a lecture on 'The role of scholars / intellectuals in the Age of Globalization' on campus. The lecture drew a full house of 300 academics, students, alumni, and members of the public.

Professor Lee reopened the discussion of the late Edward Said's thesis on the role of the intellectuals as essentially humanistic scholars and academia-based specialists who 'speak truth to power' by bringing it up-to-date to the present age of 'globalization'. At the lecture, Professor Lee discussed the topic in a comparative context with relevance to the situation of higher education in Asia, specifically Hong Kong. Said's views were coupled and compared with those of Michel Foucault, Edward Shils, Ch'ien Mu, Yu Ying-shih, contemporary Neo-Confucians and theorists of globalization, among others. He hoped the lecture will generate more discussion in the CUHK community on the crucial issues of higher education.

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