Desktop Milestones

New Asia College founded
Founders of New Asia College: Ch'ien Mu (Front, left 4), Tang Chun-I (back, left 4), Tchang Pi-kai (Back, left 3) with Vermier Y. Chiu (Chairman of the Board of Governors, Front, left 3) and College Faculty (16 October 1954).
Chung Chi College founded
Dr Leslie G Kilborn laying the foundation stone of Chung Chi College’s new campus (May 1956)
Service for Laying of the Foundation Stone of Chung Chi’s new campus (May 1956)
United College founded
Dr T.C. Cheng (standing), College Head, is speaking at the foundation stone laying ceremony of the United College campus (March 1971)
Foundation stone laying ceremony of United’s new campus (March 1971)
The Hong Kong Government appointed a University Preparatory Committee to advise on sites and buildings for The Chinese University of Hong Kong, with Chung Chi College, New Asia College, and United College as constituent colleges.
Fulton Commission was established
Dr Choh-ming Li and Mr. John Fulton
The Hong Kong Government accepted the recommendations of the Fulton Commission. The Provisional Council of the University was established. The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance came into effect. The University Council, with the Honourable Sir Cho-yiu Kwan as the first Chairman, was set up. Dr Li Choh-ming was appointed the first Vice-Chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
The University’s inauguration congregation at the Hong Kong City Hall
Three Colleges amalgamated to form CUHK
Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Social Science established
The motto of the University: Bo Wen Yue Li was adopted
The first Vice-Chancellor was installed and the first Honorary Degrees were conferred
The first Bachelor’s Degrees were conferred
First student exchange programme launched
School of Education established (Upgraded to Faculty of Education in 1991)
Department of Extramural Studies established (renamed School of Continuing Studies in 1994 and School of Continuing and Professional Studies in 2006)
Graduate School established (Hong Kong’s first graduate school)
Institute of Chinese Studies established
Institute of Chinese Studies
The first Master’s Degrees were conferred
The Central Office moved to the campus in Shatin
Sir Yuet-keung Kan was appointed the Council Chairman
The University Student Union was inaugurated
The University Student Union inaugurated in 1971
United College and New Asia College moved to the campus in Shatin
Faculty of Business Administration established
The Chancellor appointed the Second Fulton Commission
The report of the Second Fulton Commission completed. The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance 1976, drafted in accordance with the recommendations of the Fulton Report, came into effect. The Report emphasized academic participation in the governance of the University and the integration of academic departments.
The first Vice-Chancellor, Dr Li Choh-ming, retired and Professor Ma Lin was appointed the second Vice-Chancellor.
The first PhD programme was launched
Faculty of Medicine established
Undergraduate Part-time Degree Programmes were introduced
Sir Quo-wei Lee was appointed the Council Chairman
The first Doctor of Philosophy Degrees were conferred
The Provisional Acceptance Scheme for undergraduate programme was implemented
The undergraduate curriculum was restructured on a credit-unit system. General education was further strengthened.
Shaw College founded
Foundation stone laying ceremony of the campus of Shaw College by Sir David Akers-Jones (left), Chancellor of the University, and Sir Run Run Shaw (right 2), Patron of the college
Professor Ma Lin retired and Professor Charles K Kao was appointed the third Vice-Chancellor
The Senate endorsed the adoption of a flexible credit unit system for undergraduate studies with effect from September 1991
Nethersole School of Nursing established
Faculty of Engineering established
Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building
School of Pharmacy established
School of Accountancy established
CUHK Convocation established
HKIX set up at CUHK to provide an interconnection point for local internet traffic
Professor Charles K Kao retired and Professor Arthur K.C. Li was appointed the fourth Vice-Chancellor
Dr Lee Hon-chiu was appointed the Council Chairman
The first batch of mainland students were admitted to undergraduate programmes
CUHK is the first local University to recruit mainland students to its undergraduate programmes
School of Hotel Management established (renamed School of Hotel and Tourism Management in 2002)
School of Public Health established (renamed School of Public Health and Primary Care in 2009)
The Institute of Chinese Medicine (ICM) was established
First conferment of honorary fellowships
The First Honorary Fellowship Conferment Ceremony
Professor Ambrose Y.C. King succeeded Professor Arthur K.C. Li as the fifth Vice-Chancellor
Dr Edgar W.K. Cheng was appointed the Council Chairman
Professor Ambrose Y.C. King retired and Professor Lawrence J Lau was appointed the sixth Vice-Chancellor
The School of Law was established (upgraded to Faculty of Law in 2008)
Inauguration ceremony of the School of Law
The University has adopted a ten-year strategic plan to guide its development for the coming decade
Identified five areas for focused research investment
Morningside College and S.H. Ho College established
C.W. Chu College, Wu Yee Sun College and Lee Woo Sing College established
CUHK’s teaching and learning commended by Quality Audit Council of University Grants Committee
Dr. Vincent H.C. Cheng was appointed the Council Chairman
Former Vice-Chancellor Professor Charles K Kao awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics
Professor and Mrs Charles K Kao at the prize presentation ceremony
Professor Joseph JY Sung was appointed the Seventh Vice-Chancellor
The grand opening of the teaching hotel and naming of Cheng Yu Tung Building, CUHK
The Teaching Hotel Project comprises Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin and the teaching building named Cheng Yu Tung Building
Professor Poon Wai-yin, Associate Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Science) and professor in the Department of Statistics, awarded Inaugural UGC Award for Teaching Excellence
Prof. Poon Wai-yin receives the commemorative plague from Mrs. Laura Cha, the UGC Chairman
Inauguration of the new campuses of S.H. Ho College and Morningside College
Opening Ceremony of SH Ho College
Opening Ceremony of Morningside College
The grand opening of the Shenzhen Research Institute building
CUHK offered a four-year normative curriculum from its establishment in 1963 up to the mid-1990s. It is now ready with the reversion to the new 4-year undergraduate curriculum starting September 2012, and enthusiastic about the changes
Planning and organizing activities for celebrating the 50th Anniversary in 2013
Grand Opening of the Yasumoto International Academic Park