Dear Students, Colleagues, Alumni, Council Members and Friends of the University,

I would like to thank every one of you for joining in the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013.

The festive curtain was raised at the beginning of the year when University members rallied themselves into a marathon contingent for the first time and took part in one of the territory's signature sport events. The thrust and the cheers have never loosened up or quieted down. Act after act of reminiscing, connecting and jubilating filled our calendar in the forms of academic conferences, public lectures, community-engagement roadshows, service programmes for the underprivileged, and openings of campus monuments and facilities. As the saying goes, there is something for everyone.

A climax was reached in the first week of December. A quick succession of institutional events—the 75th Congregation, the university presidents' forum, the alumni homecoming, the Magical Mall, the colloquium on arts and humanities— brought on the grand finale that saw 3,000 of you re-uniting, shutter-pushing and toasting at the Anniversary Banquet on 8 December.

In the course of the year I have witnessed and was impressed with the vigour, enthusiasm and kindness shown by everyone involved—academic staff, administrative colleagues, students of all Colleges and disciplines, classes of alumni many of whom making a special return trip from overseas, and new and long-standing friends and supporters of the University. I thank you for putting in your hard work or sharing with me your stories, kind words or advice. You have truly empowered us to stride into the next 50 years and take on new challenges with pride and confidence.

As I said at the Anniversary Banquet, in the next 50 years and beyond, the Chinese University will continue to embrace our culture and be the beacon of knowledge, a melting pot of cultures and the conscience of our society. As Vice-Chancellor and President of the University at this meaningful juncture, I am deeply honoured to be together with you on this venture and shall continue to count on your support.

Joseph J. Y. Sung
Vice-Chancellor and President