CUHK 50th Anniversary Fair Public Lecture

The Ideal and Reality of University Education
Prof. Lee Ou Fan and Prof. Kwan Tze Wan
9 March
Lecture Theatre, Hong Kong Central Library
Cantonese / Mandarin

During the lecture, Professor Lee recalled the founding ideals of CUHK from his own experience as a young faculty member at CUHK in the early 70s and compared them to the reality of CUHK today. This was a by way of introducing in Professor Kwan's introduction to the educational ideals of the German educator and thinker von Humboldt. Professor Lee also drew upon the important book,"The Idea of the University" (大學的理念)by Professor Ambrose King, who was once our University's Vice Chancellor.

On the other hand, Professor Kwan briefly introduced the much-discussed Humboldtian Model of university education, traced its historical background, discussed its basic tenets and ideals, and showed how it has influenced the development of university education worldwide. This Humboldtian backdrop was then compared against the reality of contemporary university education with a view of arriving at some critical reflections on the educational practices in universities of our time.

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