New episodes of “CU50 • The People” Online – “Yu Kwang-chung” and “Stepping Outside the Campus, Showing We Care”

Two brand new episodes of “CU50 • The People” have been launched, featuring renowned scholar Yu Kwong-chung and social service projects organized by CUHK students.

Nostalgic poet Prof. Yu Kwang-chung spent eleven years at CUHK. He said a school could not be called a university if it fails to emphasize the importance of the humanistic spirit. He believed the motto of CUHK, ‘through learning and temperance to virtue’ is the essence of humanity.

CUHK has been encouraging students to reach out to the community and experience all walks of life. The students of Shaw College chose to send their love to the elderly at Tap Mun; while students from the Music Department initiated the project “MOTIVIC” to help the visually impaired to experience the world through music and sound.

To watch these two new episodes, please click on the images below.

“CU50 • The People” video series features generations of CUHK people who have shaped the University into what it has become today; the trailblazers, those who have served the community determinedly, those who have lived up to the humanistic spirit of CUHK, and those whose characteristics signify the anniversary theme “Embrace our Culture; Empower our Future”.

The full series also features Dr. Li Choh-ming, Xiao Si, Charles Kao, Samuel Sun, Emily Chan, Yang Chen-ning and etc. To watch these videos, please click on the link next to the title.

Looking Back to Look Forward: History of Mathematics and Vision of Mathematics Education

On December 23, world renowned mathematician Prof. Yau Shing-tung delivered a CUHK 50th Anniversary Distinguished Lecture to a full house on the history of the Mathematics Department of Harvard University and his vision of mathematics education.

During the lecture, Prof. Yau traced back 150 years of development of a distinct American tradition of mathematics, and the influential figures who shaped this emerging force in the previously European-dominated discipline. He also shared with the audience his insights into mathematics education and the nurturing of young talents.

”The Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change” officially opens

The Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change (MoCC), the territory's first public museum on climate change, celebrated its grand opening on December 16. Christine Loh, Under Secretary for the Environment; Dr Rebecca Lee, Founder of Polar Museum Foundation; Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Prof Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK officiated at the opening ceremony.

MoCC is one of the key initiatives of CUHK Jockey Club Initiative Gaia, a community engagement programme to promote environmental conservation and sustainability. The MoCC showcases valuable specimens, pictures, interactive simulators and multimedia information on global warming and climate change to arouse public awareness of the severe impact on individuals and the world.

The MoCC is located on the eighth floor of the Yasumoto International Academic Park at CUHK, occupying an area of 800 square meters. It is within 5-minute walk from the University MTR Station. The museum has incorporated many green features including the introduction of daylight application, solar shading devices, energy-efficient systems and the use of renewable energy. It also features over 50 interactive multimedia installations to bring visitors an interesting yet educational experience. For more information on the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, please click here.

Opening hours of the MoCC are 9:30am to 12:30pm and 2:00 to 5:00pm. It opens on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays; closes on Wednesdays, Sundays and public holidays. Members of the public are welcome and admission is free.

Presentation of “Global Youth Chinese Literary Award for the New Century 2013”
Winning works exhibited at Hong Kong Central Library

To showcase the talents of young writers in Chinese literary writings and encourage the sharing of their experience in creative writing, the Faculty of Arts, CUHK initiated the “Global Youth Chinese Literary Award for the New Century” in 2000.

This year, over 1,000 entries from over 220 higher education institutions around the world have been received for the “Fifth Global Youth Chinese Literary Award”. Entries by participants from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Holland, the USA and the UK have demonstrated the resonating success of the Award since its inception. Prof. Benjamin Wah, Provost of the CUHK; Prof. Leung Yuen-sang, Dean of Arts; Prof. Serena Jin, Emeritus Professor of Translation; Prof. Chen Ping-yuan, Professor of Chinese Language and Literature and Prof. Hoyan Hang-fung, Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the Award were invited to officiate at the award presentation ceremony at the Hong Kong Central Library on December 14.

The Award targets full-time undergraduate students in the region and countries around the world. Participation is not restricted to students of language studies and the humanities. It is very encouraging that the Award has attracted students of disciplines outside that scope. Please click here to check out the winners.

The Award is composed of three groups: prose writing, short story writing and literary translation. Besides 3 winners from each group, prizes are also awarded to participants of selected outstanding works. The organizing committee was honored to have eminent scholars as advisors and final adjudicators. They included Prof. Yu Kwang-chung, Prof. Lau Shiu-ming Joseph and Prof. Mao Jian (Prose Writing); Prof. Wang An-yi, Prof. Chan Koon-chung and Mr. Lo Yi-chin (Short Story Writing); Prof. Jin Sheng-hwa Serena, Prof. Perng Ching-his and Prof Wong Kwok-pun (Literary Translation). Prof. Chen Ping-yuan and Mr. Li Jing-duan were also invited as Honorary Advisors.

Winning works of the “Fifth Global Youth Chinese Literary Award” are displayed at the Exhibition Gallery of the Hong Kong Central Library until December 29.

“International Symposium on the Power of Religion: Religion, Conflict and Peace in the Contemporary World” concludes

The Department of Cultural and Religious Studies of CUHK organized the “International Symposium Program for The Power of Religion: Religion, Conflict and Peace in the Contemporary World” on December 12 to 13. Prof. Lai Chi-tim, Department Chairperson delivered the welcoming remarks at the Symposium.

Scholars from different regions and disciplines, including religious and cultural studies, history, political science and gender studies, discussed issues related to religion and conflict resolution; religion and nonviolent social change; inter-religious peace-building and intervention at local and global levels.

A public forum was held on the last day of the Symposium to exchange ideas, enhance knowledge and reflect on the contribution of religion and culture in encouraging sustainable development from a local to global perspective.

Conference to discuss gender and migration

The Gender Research Centre (GRC), Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK held the “Gender and Migration: Changes and Challenges International Conference 2013” from December 10 to 12.

GRC was honored to welcome two prominent experts as keynote speakers of the Conference. They were Prof. C. Cindy Fan of the University of California, Los Angeles and Prof. Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo of the University of Southern California. Officiating guests included Prof. Yue Sulan, Director of Women’s Studies Centre and former Vice-President of Peking University; Prof. Cho Joo-hyun, Director of the Institute for Women's Studies, Keimyung University; Prof. Fanny Cheung, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of CUHK; Prof. Paul Lee, Dean of Social Science, CUHK; Prof. Leung Yuen-sang, Head of Chung Chi College; Prof. Helene Fung, Acting Director of the Gender Studies Programme, and Prof. Susanne Choi, Co-Director of the Gender Research Centre.

Over 130 participants attended the conference and around 50 papers were collected from many countries, among them China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, US, UK, Australia, The Netherlands, Canada, Greece and Israel. The discussion was trans-disciplinary and focused on the challenges and opportunities associated with migration – from a gender perspective.

Family businesses going from 50 to 100 with CUHK

Center for Family Business of CUHK held the “50-50 Family Business Conference” on December 10. Over 160 family business members, professionals, and educators joined the conference, built around the theme of ‘Embrace our Culture; Empower our Future’.

The conference covered topics on family succession, family philanthropy, secret formulas for family longevity and engaging the next generation to create multi-generational intelligence. Leading academics and Chinese family entrepreneurs shared their research and experience in the succession of family legacy and heritage and incubating family entrepreneurship, in the hope of bringing family businesses to their centenary celebrations.

A precious reunion for the Department of History

The Department of History organized the conference cum reunion banquet “Fifty Years of Historical Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong: A Symposium in Celebration of the University's 50th Anniversary” from December 9 to 10. The event provided a good opportunity to gather staff, alumni and friends of the Department to review its past, present and future.

The opening ceremony of the conference was officiated by Prof. Leung Yuen-sang, Dean of Faculty of Arts, CUHK, followed by welcoming remarks from Prof. Yip Hon-ming, Chair of the Department of History. The conference keynote was a video speech delivered by Prof. Yu Ying-shih, former President of New Asia College and distinguished historian.

44 distinguished specialists and scholars from the US, Europe, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong were invited to moderate discussions and present papers. The conference last for two days in 11 sessions on themes relating to history and historiography of CUHK, the history of Ming-Qing China, China and the world, the history of Hong Kong and Macau, the history of modern and contemporary China, the history of China foreign relations and world history. Over hundred participants, including local scholars in history disciplines, staff and students of the Department attended the event.

Over 160 staff, alumni and friends of the Department joined the reunion banquet at Chung Chi College Staff Club on December 10. Prof. Leung Yuen-sang and Prof. Jimmy Yu, representatives of the sponsors Chung Chi College and United College, the incumbent and former Chairs of the Department, the Chairperson of the Student Association of History, the Chairperson of the M.A. Alumni Association, the President of CUHK History Alumni Association and a representative of postgraduate students addressed the banquet. The organizing committee also invited former staff members and old friends of the Department back to the University to review the history of and changes in the department.

CUHK 50th Anniversary Fair - Exhibition now on show in Shenzhen

The roving exhibition of CUHK 50th Anniversary Fair is now being staged on the first floor of Shenzhen Library. Display panels have been set up to illustrate the latest development of the University, including CUHK Shenzhen and CUHK Shenzhen Research Institute.

The exhibition will last until December 30 (inclusive) and opens daily from 9:00am to 9:00pm (closed on Mondays). All are welcome.

Department of Chinese Language and Literature to publish commemorative album

The 50th Anniversary Commemorative Album of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at The Chinese University of Hong Kong will be published in 2014, featuring the history and the development of the Department in the past five decades. It contains a number of valuable photographs and documents, such as articles by famous scholars, like Prof. Ting Peng-hsin, Prof. Yu Kwang-chung, Prof. Leo Ou-fan Lee, and alumni Wong Leung-wo, Puk Wing-kin, Peggy Mok, Frances Lok, Dorothy Tse Hiu-hung, Chau Man-lut.

In his article, Prof. Samuel H. N. Cheung, Emeritus Professor of the Department, reviews the development of teaching and research in Chinese linguistics and classical texts. A full picture of the changes in the curriculum of Chinese classical and modern literature is depicted by Prof. Dang Shu-leung, former Chairman of the Department. Tributes from alumni to the achievements of the late remarkable scholars, Prof. Chou Fa-kou, Prof Chung Ying-mei, Prof. D.C. Lau, Prof. Sheung Chung-ho, Prof. So Man-jock and Prof. Wong Kai-chee, who were part of the proud history of the Department, are also included.

CUHK 50th Anniversary Website: www.50.cuhk.edu.hk

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