New episode of “CU50 • The People” Online –
featuring C N Yang

A brand new episode of “CU50 • The People” has been launched, featuring Nobel winner C N Yang.

“To combine tradition with modernity and to bring together China and the West”. With this shared mission, Prof. C N Yang has built up a close relationship with CUHK in the past 50 years. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1957 and the more recently theorized and confirmed Higss particle, popularly known as the ‘God Particle’ derives from his Yang-Mills Theory. He still gives lectures to students in CUHK which inspires lots of young people. To watch the new episode, please click on the image below.

“CU50 • The People” video series features generations of CUHK people who have shaped the University into what it has become today; the trailblazers, those who have served the community determinedly, those who have lived up to the humanistic spirit of CUHK, and those whose characteristics signify the anniversary theme “Embrace our Culture; Empower our Future”.

The full series also features Dr. Li Choh-ming, Xiao Si, Charles Kao, Samuel Sun and Emily Chan. To watch these videos, please click on the link next to the title.

Dr. Lam Bun-ching to speak at upcoming Shun Hing Lecture In Arts and Humanities

The renowned composer Dr. Lam Bun-ching will be giving the upcoming “Shing Hing Lecture In Arts and Humanities”. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from CUHK in 1976, Dr. Lam furthered her studies in the United States. She has won numerous awards, including the Prix de Rome and the Lili Boulanger Award in 1992. She will give a lecture entitled “River Flows, Moon Moves Stone: Poetry – Images – Music”. Details are as follows:

Date: Nov 5 (Tuesday)
Time: 4:30pm
Venue: The Lee Hysan Concert Hall, Esther Lee Building, CUHK


Over the years, as a composer, Dr. Lam has always sought inspiration in poetry. She has set a number of poems to music in different languages and some of them also exist in artist book form. In this lecture, she will share her work in transforming text from one medium to another, and explore the multiple interpretation of language.

Interested parties please click on the link next to the title for online registration.

CUHK 50th anniversary banquet raffle tickets now on sale!

The anniversary banquet will be held at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre on December 8 and the raffle tickets of the banquet are now available for sale. They are HK$50 each and available for sale now until December 7. The grand prize is a brand new Nissan NOTE and there are also many other great prizes. All proceeds of the sales will be used to support the I • CARE Programme of the University.

Points of Sale:

Office of Institutional Advancement
Room LG2, LG/F, University Administration Building, CUHK

Souvenir Counter
G/F, John Fulton Centre, CUHK

As a token of appreciation, a certificate of appreciation and a limited edition of a CUHK coffee plunger set will be given to supporters who purchase 10 or more raffle ticket booklets (10 tickets in one booklet).

For more details, please click on the link next to the title.

CUHK 50th anniversary commemorative stamp sets now on sale!

The CUHK 50th anniversary commemorative stamp set, carrying the theme “Now and Then”, contains 12 stamps (for local postage) with pictures of landmarks of CUHK and a foundation day date-stamped souvenir cover.

The stamp set is now available for sale.  The net proceeds of the sales will be used to support the I • CARE Programme of the University. The price for each set is HK$200.

Points of Sale:

Office of Institutional Advancement
Room LG2, LG/F, University Administration Building, CUHK

Souvenir Counter
G/F, John Fulton Centre, CUHK

For more details, please click on the link next to the title.

“CHINA UNEARTHED: Soaring Phoenix, Rising Dragon” Exhibition Traces 8,000 Years of the Phoenix's Story

The emblem of CUHK is the Chinese phoenix 'feng', which is commonly considered one of the most representative symbols of Chinese culture. There are many classical, historical and mythological studies on this mysterious bird, but none has yet identified its earliest manifestation.

The Centre for Chinese Archaeology and Art of the Institute of Chinese Studies and the Department of History have jointly organized the “CHINA UNEARTHED: Soaring Phoenix, Rising Dragon” exhibition with Art Exhibitions China, the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Hunan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology and the Shenzhen Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology.

Members of the public are welcome and admission is free. Details are as follows:

Exhibition Period: Oct 25, 2013 – Mar 2, 2014
(Closed on Dec 24, 31, 2013 and public holidays)
Opening Hours: 10:00am-5:00pm
Venue: Gallery IV, Art Museum, CUHK

The Centre for Chinese Archaeology and Art also presents its full-colour, bilingual exhibition catalogue “Soaring Phoenix Rising Dragon” at the exhibition. The publication is available for sale at HK$50. Proceeds will be used to support public education in archaeology.

For more information on the exhibition, please click on the link next to the title.

Serve the Community Support “CU50 • Care”

In this anniversary year, CUHK has launched “CU50 • Care” to encourage all members of the University, including staff, students and alumni, to undertake 50 hours of volunteer work in the year 2013.

The Faculty of Medicine will mobilize the students from the Departments of Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing as volunteers to take part in the “CUHK Health Check” event to be held in November. The aim of the event is to raise awareness of cardiovascular health and promote a healthy life style among students and staff of CUHK. Details are as follows:

Dates & Venues: (Time: 11am-7pm)

10/F, Chan Chun Ha Hostel, United College Nov 6 & 8
Room 103D, 1/F, John Fulton Centre Nov 14 & 18
Multi-Purpose Room (Room 303), Pommerenke Student Centre Nov 19 & 25

Interested parties should complete the online “Health Attitude & Awareness Survey” before going to the above venues to receive free cholesterol and glucose monitoring, ECG and pulse monitoring and have a brief interview. If you would like to take part in the online survey, please click here.

“CU50 • Care” mobilized nearly 20 volunteers, to take part in the flag day of The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong on October 19. The volunteers gathered outside City One MTR station in the early morning on the event day and then spent a meaningful half day by selling flags within the Shatin district.

Prof. Zhong Nanshan shared his experience in fighting SARS

On October 17, CUHK invited Prof. Zhong Nanshan, a renowned expert in respiratory diseases and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, to be the guest speaker for the University’s 50th Anniversary Distinguished Lecture. Prof. Zhong presented a lecture entitled “From SARS to H7N9 – Management of Acute Respiratory Virus Infection in China”, drawing a full house of more than 200 people, including academics, students, alumni, and members of the public.

Prof. Zhong Nanshan is currently Professor of Medicine at Guangzhou Medical University and Director of the State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease. He is best known for his contribution in leading the Chinese medical team to combat SARS in 2003.

“An Operatic Journey of Cultural Heritage through Peking, Kunqu and Cantonese Traditions” promoting Chinese culture

CUHK organized “An Operatic Journey of Cultural Heritage through Peking, Kunqu and Cantonese Traditions” from Oct 8-10, with the aim of promoting Chinese culture through the performances of three major traditional Chinese operas.

The University was honoured to have the College of Chinese Opera from the Shanghai Theatre Academy give two performances of Peking and Kunqu opera, introducing classics from the two great Chinese opera traditions and bringing forward four great Chinese beauties from over two millennia of history.  For Cantonese opera, the University was glad to invite renowned Cantonese opera artiste Yuen Siu-fai, together with the Ling Lung Cantonese Opera Troupe, to perform a re-run of the first Cantonese opera centered on Confucius which debuted last year.

The performance was well-received by more than a thousand participants, including CUHK students and staff, alumni, foreign consuls, exchanges students and members of the public.

CUHK 50th Anniversary Fair – Exhibition staged at Shatin

The roving exhibition of CUHK 50th Anniversary Fair was staged at the Atrium Gallery, Phase 3 of New Town Plaza, Shatin on October 24 to 30.

Exhibits included historical collections of the University as well as display panels and interactive games to illustrate the history and its latest developments.

Prof. Helene Fung explained ways to prepare for an enjoyable and productive old age

The final anniversary fair public lecture was held at the Hong Kong Central Library on October 5. Prof. Helene Fung from the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Science delivered a lecture entitled “How to prepare yourself for an enjoyable and productive old age?” to introduce various ways in making the best out of old age. The lecture drew a full house of over 350 participants, including academics, students, alumni and members of the public.

The average life expectancy of Hong Kong people is continuously increasing. Thus, challenges posed by a longer life after retirement should not be overlooked. For decades, laypeople and professionals have discussed old age in terms of many age-related losses and declines. But recent research revealed that, with some preparation, the majority of older adults can enjoy a meaningful and productive old age. In this lecture, Prof. Helene Fung reviewed preparations that an individual should make, and strategies that an individual can use, to make the best out of old age.

Dr. Robin Cheung on leadership models for Hong Kong school principals

On October 5, Dr. Robin Cheung from the Department of Educational Administration and Policy gave a public lecture on “A discussion on the leadership of Hong Kong’s school principals in today’s educational environment”.

In order to enhance the quality of education, local school principals have had to cope with various reform initiatives in recent years. Questions arise. What is the best leadership model to adopt in such an environment? Among the many western leadership theories, which ones can fit the environment of Hong Kong schools the best?

Drawing from his many years’ experience of participation in formulating educational reform measures and also of their implementation in the school setting, Dr. Cheung attempted to address the questions from the following perspectives:

1. Understanding the challenges and problems principals encounter in order to grasp the context of leadership
2. Looking at some of the often-noticed and often-cited leadership theories in Hong Kong, including transformational leadership, instructional leadership, self-leadership and others, and their impact on principals
3. Surveying the problems and resistance principals experience when applying those theories
4. Exploring what kind of adaptation principals can make when applying such theories, so that their leadership can be more effective

Lastly, Dr. Cheung discussed whether the leading job of a principal is an impossible mission under the influence of these factors.

CUHK 50th Anniversary Website: www.50.cuhk.edu.hk

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